Token Details


  • Pre-Sale: 10% - Unsold tokens will be burned

  • Marketing/Airdrop : 10%

  • Eco-System Further Development: 10%

  • CROX Charity Fund 10%

  • Dev/Team Wallet: 10%

  • Farming: 50%

Dev Tokens, Marketing and Further development funds are locked in Unicrypt and vested periodically. Find more details here.

CROX locked using Unicrypt vesting service

Cancer Research/Treatment Fund (CROX Charity fund)

In addition to pre-minted 10% Supply , 10% from farming tokens will be added to CROX Charity Fund automatically when you harvest. Wallet address for these funds is : 0xb6A1efbF0f2665C10899c85aE59255FB81d903F8