Earn multiple tokens from one pool

What is Dual-Farming? CROX have introduced an innovative method of farming where you can earn Tokens from one pool. In Dual farms users can stake LP token pair and earn rewards in more than one type of token.

Example: CROX-BUSD LP farm in regular farms can earn only CROX where as in dual farming you will be able to earn CROX + BUSD or any other token that is listed.

These farms are not limited to CROX native tokens. These are developed to introduce multiple partners and also help other projects to create their liquidity. It's a win-win deal for stakers and also the project owners. Partnered project can open a LP pair of their choice and pass rewards into the farm so liquidity providers can stake and earn CROX + XYZ token.

Dual farms are timelocked pools. There will be pools with 30day, 60day or 90day staking pools. Unstaking before the timelock will lead to a Withdrawal fees. Fees will be used to buyback and burn CROX. Unstaking after the timelock period is 0% fees. So staking for longer periods is more beneficial with no loss withdrawals and you can earn multiple type of tokens.

Check out dual-farms here https://app.croxswap.com/dualfarms

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