Vaults + Jackpots
VPOTS is a unique strategy which creates a new use case for a partnered token as well as CROX. Joining early, staying longer in the pool earns you higher rewards (Unlimited). To win massive jackpots, you need more odds. Staking more CROX gives you higher odds and also higher rewards from the pot.
How to deposit, earn and win?
Step 1: Deposit in VAULT Stake in your desired VPOTS vaults listed on the website and stand a chance to win the bi-weekly jackpot. Each vault is unique and has it’s own POT. Follow the minimum deposit eligibility criteria of each individual vpot. There is no minimum deposit requirements if you are not interested in entering the jackpot pool.
Depositing in vault will provide 2 types of passive income.
  1. 1.
    Fee rewards earned from every new deposit (unlimited earnings)
  2. 2.
    Auto-compounding APY% from the staking pool
Step 2: Claim & Re-invest
  • Claim your fee rewards instantly from each new deposit in to the vault.
  • Re-invest your vault rewards to increase your stake to earn more APY rewards and Fee rewards.
  • No cap on earnings(Unlimited). Longer you stake more you earn from deposit fee rewards paid by new depositors in the vault. It is a never ending cycle of rewards.
Step 3: Stake CROX, Win a Jackpot There will be a jackpot draw for each associated vault every 15 days. To participate in this draw you need to stake CROX tokens and have a qualified deposit in the vault associated with the pot.
Example: CAKE VPOT You need to deposit minimum of 20 CAKE into CAKE Vault listed on vpots page You need to stake CROX in CAKE POT to win a jackpot
It is a NO LOSS POT, which means your 100% staked CROX can be withdrawn after the draw and also you will earn 20% share of prize pool rewards for staking CROX. Odds are calculated based on number of CROX tokens you stake. More CROX you stake, more chances to win the pot.
Fee Rewards Explained:
On every deposit into the vault of vpots there is a deposit fees of 5%. From it, 3% fees is distributed back to the users in the vault. 1% goes to the Jackpot prize pool and remaining 1% added to CROX buy back & Liquidity.
How much can you earn from 3% fee rewards? Simple answer is "Unlimited". There is no cap on how much you can or will be able to earn from fee rewards generated from the vault.
Example: User 1 staked 100 CAKE , User 2 staked 200 CAKE. Total Pool Size is 300 CAKE. User 1 is already in the pool and his pool share now becomes 33.33% after user 2 deposits 200 CAKE.
3% of 200 CAKE = 6 CAKE . 33% goes to User 1 = 1.98 CAKE .
100s of users join and deposit cake every day, the pool grows and on each new deposit you will earn your share from 3% distribution fees. Unlimited earnings.
Auto-Compounding APY When you deposit token into the vault, Our smart contract will maximize your earnings by interacting with the respective token contract's masterchef or reward pool to provide you high returns.