200 Unique CROX Farmers NFTs

With a unique theme to showcase yield farmers from around the world we have come up with an innovative NFTs titled "Connecting Yield Farmers Around the World" by Crox Dual-Farming.

Purchase link: https://opensea.io/collection/global-farmers/

CROX is a 100% decentralized network where we focus on community feedbacks to keep the product growing. We value each and every feedback that we receive from our community. Our community is very diverse and we would like to honor them by building something unique that represents every country on the planet.

To build the bridge between our cultures and countries we are introducing NFTs that represent 195 nations on the earth. Each art work was designed manually by a very talented young artist. Our team put efforts to read the culture , national flag and their appearance of each one of them. Few nations have diverse cultures, we had to pick the most popular or majority one for such nations.

Use Cases:

  1. 200 NFTs will be eligible to get a premium upgrade for CroxSwap Launchpad where you can get a guaranteed whitelist spot for the pre-sale with a discounted price compared to the launch price.

  2. Few premium NFTs out of 200 will have a special staking feature to earn rewards from Next-Gen Pools. These premium NFTs will be sold on auction and highest bidder will be the owner.

Total Estimated funds to raise ~ 100,000 USD CROX Buy Back : ~30,000 USD CROX Treasury : ~70,000 USD (used for marketing, liquidity and development )

Lowest starting price of these NFTs is ~0.5 BNB or ~$200 USD

Available to purchase on Opensea Polygon Network - https://opensea.io/collection/global-farmers/

Disclaimer: These NFTs are not meant to offend any culture or nation. We are trying our best to showcase the strength of yield farmers and the power of decentralized finance. If the art work of any nation or culture was misrepresented or designed with flaws, we are open to redesigning it by taking feedback from the respective communities or experts.

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