🌾Harvest Locks

What are Harvest Locks?

Harvest lock is a unique time based harvesting mechanism to control the quick dump from earned rewards. When you stake in a farm or a pool there will be a pre-determined harvest lockup set for each pool. You can harvest your rewards only after the locking period is over.

For Native CROX tokens the Harvest lock is set to 8 hours and for non-CROX tokens it is 12 hours. It means if you stake now harvest button will be unlocked after 8hrs for CROX pool/farm and after 12hrs for non-CROX pools/farms.

Can I Unstake anytime?

Yes. You can Unstake your Staked LP tokens or single tokens anytime regardless of harvest locks. There is no locking period for Staked tokens. Only rewards fall under harvest locking period. However, if you unstake before the harvest button is activated, your earned rewards are still in the pool until harvest lockup time is completed.

Happy Staking...!!!

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