🚜Stake in Dual Farms

How to stake in dual-farms?

It is same as regular farms but you need to verify which LP type before staking.

Step1: Create a LP token - Learn how i. To start dual-farming you need a LP token. In dual-farms you need to be careful about which type of LP you need.

ii. After checking which LP do you need, go trade and then choose the appropriate Liquidity.

iii. Go to https://app.croxswap.com/dualfarms

iv. Click Stake after approve contract and deposit your LP tokens

Sit back, relax and start earning.


i. Don’t forget to check the minimum staking period and if applicable harvest lock. ii. If withdrawn before the end of minimum staking, there would be a 10% unstaking Penalty.Rewards end block will terminate the penalty. iii. You can not harvest during harvest lock and Rewards end block won't terminate it.

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