What is CROX Charity Fund?

CROX Cancer Charity Fund

Total of 20% supply is allocated to CROX Charity Fund. 10% from initial mint and 10% from farming.

We will be using 10% pre-minted tokens for CROX charity fund for personalized causes and 10% from farming will be added to charity fund after harvest. Our passion is to help specific families/individuals that have recently been diagnosed with cancer. If an individual doesn't have the funds for treatment or if they are not able to support their families during treatment we want to help. It'll be set up in a similar format as GoFundMe, once the goal amount for the individual/family has been achieved we will help another patient.

Wallet address for CROX Charity fund is 0xb6A1efbF0f2665C10899c85aE59255FB81d903F8‚Äč